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Bad Gastein/Böckstein - Gasteinertal - Österreich
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Active holidays in Gastein

The Gastein Valley is a paradise for paragliders and hang gliders. If your are a flight novice who wants to make his first thermals experience or an ambitious pilot who is on kilometer hunt - every mountain in Gastein has its benefits. We ourselves are enthusiastic paragliders and we are pleased to give you tips about the regional area.

If you does not have a pilots license, there is the opportunity to book a tandem flight. You need no previous knowledge. After a short theoretical briefing you float with your teacher in the air. Attention danger of addiction!

Flying Waters GasteinAnother highlight in Gastein is "Flying Waters" - a ride on rollers on a wire cable in dizzying heights over the famous Gastein waterfall.

The thrill ride is a risk-free adventure for the whole family and offers a magnificent view. We wish a good ride!


Are you more down to earth and do not want to lose contact with the Mother Earth? No problem, Gastein has much more to offer. How about, for example, with a Mountaincart-drive from the Schlossalm valley or train your sense of balance on a ramble through Gastein with Segways.

Work on your strength and concentration as you navigate the archery course . The course for hunting bows begins after a short training session, taking you out on a hunt for lifelike animal replicas, across open terrain and along an idyllic forest path. The goal is to “take down” as many of the animals as you can, scoring points with every target you hit.

Panning for Gold. This experience has its foundations in a centuries-old history, since gold-mining in Gastein valley looks back on a long tradition. With tips from an expert, modern gold prospectors are able to put their luck to the test.

An active holiday in Gastein also include: golf, horseback riding, tennis, climbing, rafting, fishing, beach volleyball ... the list is long, so the days are filled with adventure.